We are a family of four with one daughter just entering elementary school, another daughter on the verge of walking, a four-pound Yorkie, and a Beta fish that has survived much longer than expected. We are all born and bred Oklahomans and love this great state!

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Teresa (Mom)
I am the author and founder of Field Trip Family. I grew up in Oklahoma, moved to Texas for college (Sic ‘Em Bears) and came back home after graduation and met my husband about a year later at church. With a degree in journalism, I used to do graphic design, marketing and PR in my BC (before children) life. My AD (after delivery) life consists of nursing, diaper changes, chauffeuring, grocery shopping, teaching/correcting the little ones, and taking them on field trips and play dates. I love traveling and planning vacations, going to group fitness classes, trying new things, and taking naps (except I’m pretty sure that hasn’t happened in years).

David (Dad)
It should be noted first that Dad does not enjoy traveling and gets dragged along for many adventures, with the exception of snowboarding/ski trips. He loves snowboarding but hates being cold. I don’t get it. When he’s not busy trying to keep warm all the time, he is most likely found behind a computer/iPad/phone. He has a job as a software engineer doing techie computer things that I don’t understand. He loves to play board games, computer games, video games – pretty much any game. He also loves collecting things, like board games and these little figure things.

Big Sister
She will not talk to people in public but will not stop talking at home. She loves going to school, playing with her friends, hugging her sister, singing, dancing, gymnastics and drawing.

Little Sister
She is super smiley and generally happy most of the time. She is also extremely busy and curious, sometimes getting herself into precarious situations. She loves dancing to music, waving “bye-bye” and saying “dog-dog”.

View More: http://komorebiphotography.pass.us/millerfamily