Childhood has an expiration date. The carefree days of natural curiosity and wonder are limited, and the time these little ones are in our homes and under our influence are fleeting. We should capitalize on this God-given time and influence to educate our children and facilitate shaping and molding their affections to Christ.

The idea of Field Trip Family emerged from the mindset that experiences, namely field trips, with our children can be more meaningful, educational and beneficial. Field trips make learning concrete and memorable for young minds. These experiences help to engage, reinforce and enrich what’s taught in the home or in classrooms within natural learning environments. Research and various studies have even shown the many benefits of incorporating field trips. Here are links to a few of these studies posted online: The Benefits of Field Trips, School Field Trips Give Significant Benefits, Field Trips are Valuable Learning Experiences

At Field Trip Family, we endeavor to share ideas and personal experiences to help other families plan purposeful activities with their own children.

The four guiding principles of Field Trip Family are to:


> EXPLORE the God-created world around us and view it as one giant classroom.

> LEARN from what we see, hear, feel, taste and experience and always be teachable.

> GROW in spiritual, mental and emotional maturity from what we learn and gain wisdom that we can apply to our lives.

> SHARE our time, talents, knowledge and resources to benefit others and the kingdom of God.

The triangles in the Field Trip Family logo represent each of these four areas. The triangular shape is also used to encompass the entirety of a complete person (body, soul and spirit). These four triangles point inward to form a cross to remind us that all these areas should draw us closer to Christ.