Five Reasons to Send Your Kids to VBS

Summer is just starting, and hopefully you haven’t already been hit with the “I’m bored, what can I do” chorus. If you are looking for meaningful and fun summer activities, my best recommendation is to sign your kids up for Vacation Bible School (aka VBS).

Almost every single church has one, so you could potentially take your kids to ones all over your local community throughout the summer months, if you were so inclined. I have such fond memories of my childhood summers going to VBS and want my children to experience the same thing.

My church just finished its week of VBS, and my daughter had an absolute blast learning new songs and memorizing a Bible verse. She also attended another local church’s VBS last week and will be going to her final one this summer in a couple weeks.

Here are my top 5 reasons to take your kids to VBS.


1> They will have fun.
I have been around VBS practically my whole life and have helped at my church for the past few years, and I am still amazed at how those VBS organizers bring the Bible to life for these kids in such a fun and engaging way. With elaborate decorations, themed crafts and activities, and exciting games and songs, almost every moment of a VBS day is filled with purposeful entertainment. Your child will not likely be bored.

2 > They will learn God’s word.
Of course, this is the most important aspect of VBS. Most churches will have a key Bible verse that the children will memorize for the week, so you can rest assured that they are being exposed to Biblical truth. Children are the most responsive to the gospel message during the preschool and elementary school years. Use these early years in their lives to reinforce what you’ve been teaching them and draw them closer to Christ.

3 > It’s an easy witnessing opportunity.
VBS is a very non-threatening way to invite families to church. You can ask your children to invite a few of their friends, which will also make the week more fun for them too. Your invitation may also prompt questions from the parents that lead to spiritual discussions.

4 > It’s FREE!
Churches and VBS volunteers and donors recognize the value and importance of the ministry and are willing to offer basically a week of summer camp to their communities for free. We parents know that summer camps, child care and practically all kid activities are expensive, so free opportunities like these are amazing.

5 > You get a few hours to yourself.
If nothing else, VBS gives you a few hours during the day to run errands, do grocery shopping, grab coffee or meet with friends BY YOURSELF! In this stage of my life, my littlest one is too young to attend VBS. But for those of you with kids all VBS-age, live it up (for those three hours or so) before you have to pick those kids up.

So, there you have it…my top five reasons to take your kids to VBS. Find out when your church or other local churches are offering theirs and sign up your kids!

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2 Replies to “Five Reasons to Send Your Kids to VBS”

  1. Yay for VBS! I still remember fondly all the VBS camps I went to as a kid. The past two years I was part of the core team that planned and coordinated VBS camps for nearly 200 kids–boy, it is a LOT of work to put one together, but it is so worth it. It’s such an exciting week…even if there always seem to be a lot of last minute runs to the store for all of the forgotten supplies…

    1. Yes, I loved VBS as a kid and love helping in the classrooms at my church! I am so thankful for all of you who work so hard to plan and coordinate everything!

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